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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

GNSA Elections 2017

GNSA Elections 2017 - Leaders’ Debate

The six leaders contesting for the role of Prime Minister in GNSA Parliament election 2017 went against each other in a n intense and fascinating battle of words in our MPR today. The leaders who took part in the debate were Basant Sehra, Serena Kitty, Anna Raheja, Akshay Sethi and Amandeep Singh. Moderated by our Vice Principal Mr D’Onofrio, the debate lasted for 30 minutes where each contestant described how they would like to contribute towards resolving the issues affecting teaching and learning tab GNSA. They answered questions from the audience which included teachers and students. The debate was followed by online voting done by all staff and students Nd results will be announced next Thursday. Well done to all the contestants who handled the debate and a week long campaign with grace and display of great leadership.