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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

History Exhibition 2016

On Friday, the 27th of May 2016, we went back in time for History Day…

The aim of the day was to celebrate the children’s work and promote excitement and interest in History.

The whole Primary School dressed up in an outfit that best represented the topic they had learned about during History IPC lessons. Year 1 have learnt about The Great Fire of London and Seaside Holidays, Year 2 have learnt about Florence Nightingale, Year 3 have learnt about The Stone Age, Year 4 have learnt about The Ancient Egyptians,  Year 5 have learnt about The Ancient Greeks and Year 6 have learnt about The Mayans.  Whilst learning about these topics, the children worked extremely hard on creating their historical artefacts; these were exhibited in our very own GNSA museum in the Primary Multi-Purpose Hall (gym).

Parents, Carers and the classes all visited the museum. 2 people from each class went to share information and facts about the artefacts to the visitors. All of the visitors engaged with and learnt lots from the wide range of artefacts that have been made by children from across the Primary school. Visitors took this opportunity to compare objects from the past to what we use nowadays in present time. If it was not for the past, many people believe we would not have all of the things we have now.