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Year 2 learn more about habitats at Whipsnade Zoo!

On Wednesday 9th October Year 2 went to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo! They went there to learn more about the habitats the animals lived in, linking into their “Habitat” topic in Science.

Year 2 were very fortunate with the weather as they explored the large zoo, seeing incredible animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebra, rhinos and cheetahs among many others!

The children took part in two wonderful workshops, on habitats and African animals, where they were able to show off their learning and discover more incredible facts, for example that a group of zebra is called a dazzle!

The children loved spotting all the creatures and showing them to their friends. A fantastic day out and a good way to consolidate their learning. Thanks to all involved in organising and running the trip.