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Year 3 video call another Country!

3SB have a face call with an Icelandic.

On the 10th of December, we had a video call with Orri Gústafsson in class for our Geography lesson. We spoke to him because we were learning about Iceland and he is someone who is Icelandic and works in a major Icelandic industry which is the fishing industry. We asked Orri some questions to find out more about Iceland. We asked him about the amazing natural wonders in Iceland, such as the geysers, the blue lagoon, volcanoes, and Northern lights or the aurora borealis! We also asked him about the people and their lives in Iceland. Some of the questions we asked him were: Are there any Sikhs in Iceland? When is the best time and place to see the Northern lights? Why do Icelandic people catch and eat puffins? How do you pronounce the name of the highest mountain in Iceland (Hvannadalshnúkur)?