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3RC teach us about the Romans!

On Wednesday 5th February 3RC performed their class assembly to KS2 and parents on the topic of the Romans.

Here is what one of the children had to say about the assembly:

"One of the facts we tried to teach the people and children that watched our play was what the Romans ate. The Romans normally ate: roasted dormouse, peacock tongues and lentils. We also taught them about the Roman army. The army’s shields had very detailed patterns that reminded them of their goals and the bright red colour, which was all over the shield,  represented Mars, the God of war. Another fact we told the audience was about the Roman baths. The Romans had fantastic baths because they were modern and the water in each room was a different temperature. Something weird about the baths was that the women and men were not allowed to use them at the same time. Another fact that we had learnt from the workshop and mentioned in our play was what they wore. They wore cloaks, togas and jewellery.” - Eknoor

A huge well done to 3RC!