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On Friday 6th March 2020 GNSA Primary took part in World Book Day with the theme of: Villains!

There were some fantastic costumes as pupils and staff really got into the theme and had a villainous day celebrating reading.

All the children attended a special assembly where costumes were celebrated and the children discussed the importance of reading before everyone went back to their classes to take part in the day's activities. These ranged from comprehensions to character studies to making bookmarks to reading about different villains to creating their own villain for a book.

Every pupil had the opportunity to share who they were dressed as, what book they were from and what characteristics and actions made them a villain. 

The classes also had different members of staff visiting them to read books that contained evil characters and the children loved listening to the stories being read aloud, they hooked on every word.

It was a wonderful day which really highlighted the importance of reading and inspired the pupils.

A huge well done to Mrs Lachher for organising the event.

Click here for more photos.