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Year 5s immerse themselves into the world of Vikings and Ancient Greeks.

On Wednesday 11th March, Year 5 were presented with the exciting opportunity to take part in a 'Portals to the Past' workshop based on the Vikings and Ancient Greeks.

The children came to school, dressed in their costumes-terrific togas and vicious Viking amour- so that they could fully embrace the day ahead. The workshop enabled children to have an experience designed to stimulate and encourage a love of history by introducing them to the fascinating and enigmatic world of Ancient Civilisations through the eyes of Historians. 

The morning started with them learning all about the victorious Vikings, who came to England as allies, and eventually become enemies. They were able to explore Viking artefacts and learn all about how they settled in the UK all those years ago. The children were able to explore Viking furs, tools for cooking and even their alphabet. 

After that, they were immersed into the world of Ancient Greeks. This session allowed them to look at swords and the armour of the Spartans. They got to practice marching in the famous Ancient Greek formations and scare the teachers with their ferocity. They even got to take part in the Olympic Games, playing games that would've been used in the past. 

Overall, it was a fantastic, immersive day which made learning about the past an experience they would never forget.