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A Level Geography Trip

Geography Department organised Year 12 Trip to Hengistbury Head, Dorset. 

On Thursday 10th June, all the geographers went to Hengistbury Head, Dorset to complete our hypothesis questions that we had prepared with Mr Serezla in class.One of our questions was to answer whether rock diameter decreases as we go further away from the shoreline.This type of question was primary,quantitative research and required us to use sophisticated tools such as Cailleux Roundness chart and Calipers.To make our results as reliable as possible we repeated the test every meter to make sure we catch the most subtle of changes.This experience helped us understand how the process of erosion do work and gave us geographers a visual representation.Alongside completing our hypothesis we got to see historical landmarks such as the Jurassic Coast and the Famous Bournemouth Harbour.This made the trip a more enjoyable experience for me, and all the other geographers.Our second hypothesis required us to analyse the man made sea defences,Groynes,and see whether they were effective.This required us to use ranging poles and a tool called a clinometer,which measures The angle between matching markers on each pole.This exercise was tedious but sure was a lot of fun as it allowed us the opportunity to get in the Ocean with our wellies and allow us to enjoy the cool ocean on a sunny Dorset day.From this we found out that the lengths differ from each side of the Groyne this tells us that they have been effective in stopping long shore drift from occurring,proving our hypothesis to be correct.After completing our work we had the chance to explore Dorset and understand its culture.In this time we met with the locals, went to the local beach and many of us had fish and chips for which Dorset is renowned for. Overall from this amazing day out on the coastline it allowed me to prepare for my NEA(Non-examined Assessment) and get familiar with some of the tools with the help of Miss Bhogal,Miss Morgan and Mr Serezla.A truly enjoyable experience and would love to go again.

Jasneet Grover-VIF