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GNSA Alumni Assembly

A member of our alumni to comes and delivers an assembly for sixth form students. 

On the 10th of March, we had an assembly with one of our ex-students, Ajmeet Goulwara. 

Ajmeet spoke with the VI form about her career journey since leaving GNSA. After studying Pharmacology at King's College London, Ajmeet now works for a pharmaceutical company called Indivior. Indivior is a global pharmaceutical company working to change patients' lives by developing medicines to treat addiction and serious mental illnesses. Ajmeet talked about the stigma regarding drug addiction; students discussed drug addiction as a disease, the costs to society and the road to recovery. Ajmeet is currently raising money for a charity called Action on Addiction. This charity goes beyond helping those who are suffering on the courageous journey into recovery – it also lends direct support to the children and families affected by addiction – for as long as it takes.