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Politics Lesson with MP John McDonnell

Rt Hon Mr John McDonnell MP attended A Level Politics lesson to share his insights and political views with our students. 

Our year 12 politics class had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with John McDonnell MP. At this time of political unrest, we had the unique opportunity to ask many questions ranging from the economy to Labours’ stance on specific policies. With the current pandemic this country faces, we had a first-hand experience of the opposition's view on Boris Johnson’s recent decisions regarding the lockdown, an extension of furlough and the future of the country. It was especially fascinating to hear that Mr McDonnell had the same stance as many of our students regarding topics such as whether politics be instilled in school curriculums and the pay rises of the NHS. What was enlightening was his view on how the country must invest in our futures to ensure that we have the facilities to succeed in our careers. This opportunity was especially enriching as the class received expert knowledge from the former shadow chancellor and one of the senior members of the Labour Party. The class thanks John McDonnell for his time answering our questions and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity presented by Mr Rai and Mr Sidhu.