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AWS GetIT is an initiative designed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to encourage girls aged 12-13 to consider a career in tech – challenging long-standing gender stereotypes.

Running between the fall and spring terms of the school year, AWS GetIT invites teams from different schools to an app-building competition to solve real issues faced by their school or community. Along the way, participants learn practical digital and IT skills, experience working as a team, and gain self-confidence by presenting ideas to wider audiences – all while being exposed to IT as a potential career.

Mr Sandhu and Mr Gill have been working with Year 8 students to successfully complete the Amazon GetIT competition. Students have been asked to come up with application ideas to support either the School or local community. The students have shown a variety of skills such as teamwork, time management, creativity and innovative thinking. 

Congratulations to the finalists, 'Tech Therapist' and 'RESSK' who have been entered to the AWS GetIT Competition.Amazing work by everyone!