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The year 7 students took part in the ‘Alliott’s writing competition’ set up by the English department. They were asked to write a short story with the beginning ‘It was a day like any other, however….’

The students were really excited and allowed their imaginations to run away with them; we had several fantastic entries, all of which were sent off to be judged.

We soon heard the fantastic news that 5 of our students had reached ‘The Hall of Fame’ and their entries were published onto the Alliotts Website. These 5 students were put through to the finals which would be judged by author Susan Moore. We were over the moon for; Arithiga, Jessika, Baveenan, Sevak and Navjit.

From a possible four finalists in total; we had two from our school. The two students would win Amazon vouchers and have a chance to win a ‘Creative Writing Workshop’ with Susan Moore for their class mates. The two finalists were Arithiga and Navjit.

Finally, we heard who won the overall prize of a ‘Creative Writing Workshop’ with Susan Moore – their short story had won! Navjit from 7HP with her fantastic short story.

Please have a look at the 'Hall of Fame' below: