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Dear Parents 

In addition to the official government guidance which can be found on this link, please take note of the following guidance specifically for the Sikh community, which may be helpful for us all in order to remain safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Visiting your local Gurdwara

Your local Gurdwara is likely to remain open for now and will continue to run their daily programmes of Parkash, SikhAsan of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Nitnem, however, the Sangat is encouraged to simply do Matha Tek and leave. If you wish to sit in the Diwan Hall, please endeavor to maintain social distancing where possible. 


If you intend to do Sewa or partake of Langar, it is advisable for Langar to be prepared and served by volunteers wearing face masks and gloves. Request for dry Parshad which should be offered instead of Karah Parshad. This minimises the risks of infection if the correct protocol is not followed during the cooking/storing process of hot Karah Parshad. 

Other basic rules that may be followed by all;

Wash hands before and after partaking of the Langar and/or visiting the Gurdwara 

Use paper towels or hand dryers instead of cotton towels to dry hands

Bring your own head coverings 

Avoid hugs and handshakes, greet people with a tradition ‘Sat Sri Akal’ of ‘GurFateh’

If you have a cough or temperature, you should not visit the Gurdwara and follow self-isolation procedures

Older people and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk from the Coronavirus. The risks to pregnant women are currently unknown.

Consider using live streaming of Gurbani programmes on social media if you are unable to visit your local Gurughar. For example, live Kirtan from Harmandir Sahib can be accessed here

Contact your Gurdwara by phone to ask if they provide any similar services. 

Kara and Kirpan

When washing your hands, please wash your Kara with soap and water thoroughly. The coronavirus can survive on metal surfaces for long periods of time.

If you wear a Kirpan on the outside of your clothes, wash your Kirpan frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time.

Please contact us if you require any further advice and support in relation to the points raised above - stay safe and follow all government advice and updates in relation to COVID-19.