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With another record number of pupils in the Sixth Form, 2019 saw the vast majority gaining their first or insurance offers.

The breadth of interests and talents of our pupils are illustrated by the range of degree courses taken, with many including a year in industry, providing important work experience in an ever-competitive job market.

Aston University

Economics and Management

University of Bath

Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Brunel University London

Mathematics and Computing with Integrated Foundation Year

Computer Science (Network Computing) with Placement Year

Psychology with Placement Year

Buckinghamshire New University

Computing and Web Development

City, University of London

Introduction to Health Sciences

University of East Anglia

Pharmacy with a Foundation Year

University of Essex

Accounting and Finance (Including Placement Year)

University of Hertfordshire

Initial Year for Extended Degree in Engineering

University of Hull


Imperial College London

Civil Engineering

King's College London, University of London

Computer Science with a Year Abroad

Keele University

Biology with Science Foundation Year

University of Kent


Kingston University

Accounting and Finance With Business Experience (including Foundation)

London South Bank University

Architectural Technology (3/4 years)

London School of Economics

Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Nottingham Trent University

Accounting and Finance

Product Design

University of Nottingham

Chemical Engineering including an Industrial Year

University of Plymouth


University of Portsmouth

Sport and Exercise Science

Queen Mary University of London

Accounting and Management

University of Reading

Accounting and Finance

Pharmacy with Foundation

Royal Holloway, University of London

Management with Accounting (Year in Business)

Management with Human Resources

Biomedical Sciences

Computer Science with a Year-in-Industry

Management with Human Resources (Year in Business)


Mathematics with Statistics

Mathematics with Integrated Foundation Year


University of Roehampton

Biomedical Science

St George’s University of London


University of Surrey



Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Children's Nursing) with Foundation Year

University of Westminster, London



Psychology and Counselling

University of Winchester