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Nanaksar Primary School had its first Ofsted Inspection in June 2015 and a Section 48 Religious Education Inspection in February 2016. The school's most recent Oftsed inspection was in June 2019. Please see below for the full reports.

What did Ofsted say about our school in 2019?

Pupils are friendly and polite, and show respect for adults and each other... Pupils are keen to take on positions of responsibility....They take pride in their school, and many talked confidently about their learning.

Teachers have high expectations, and pupils are motivated to do their best.

As a result of strong teaching, pupils make good progress in mathematics. Work in books shows that pupils have many opportunities to use their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

Pupils spoke with enthusiasm about reading. As a result of increased challenge, pupils are more confident about ‘reading between the lines’ and understanding what they read.

Pupils take pride in their work and respond positively to feedback in order to make improvements. Displays in classrooms and in books show that teachers use high-quality literature to inspire and motivate pupils in their writing.