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How can parents help with PE & Homework

Key Stage 3

  • Ask your child what they learnt in the PE lesson today. Any particular skills and ask them to repeat and explain them to you. This will help them with literacy. Point out any key words and ask them to spell them.
  • Help them revise the Skeletal & Muscular system. Help them locate the bones and major muscles. You can find information on the BBC bitesize website.
  • Ask your child to look up National Governing Body websites that can help them with the rules and regulations of the sport they are learning. This will help them understand the game/ activity better.
  • Look at this has information on different types of sports and videos demonstrating the skills. You can also find ways that you can get involved in a particular sport.

Key Stage 4- GCSE PE

  • Help your child with the topic they are learning in GCSE by looking at the BBC Bitesize website. This will give them a short revision area and test them afterwards.
  • Get involved in the sports they are taking for their exam outside of school. Look for local clubs and get them involved.
  • Log onto the website where you can download past papers and mark schemes. Practice timed exam questions. Allow approx. 1 minute for each mark. For example, for a 3 mark question allow 3 minutes to answer.

Key Stage 5- BTEC PE

  • Log onto and check out the specification for the Level 3 BTEC in SPORT course.
  • Practice timed exam questions. You can find example questions on the Edexcel website.
  • Read Sport Journals form the library.
  • Read newspaper and sport magazine articles on topics they are studying.