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Welcome to our Sikh Studies page


Guru Nanak Sikh Academy has a very strong element of faith deeply rooted in its everyday life. The Sikh Studies curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn about the Sikh way of life. Many students find this subject to be informative and it provides an initial understanding of Sikhi. We work together in embedding the Sikh principles (Remembering God, working hard and sharing with others) in the school environment. In addition, children participate in the annual celebration of religious events.

Sikh Studies provides opportunities for children to understand and learn about key elements of our Sikh culture. All lessons, learning and school life will be based on the Sikh ethos and values. Below are some areas covered in each year group:


  • Learning Mool Mantar, 1st and 2nd Pauree of Japji Sahib 
  • Introduction to the concept of simran and paath and the importance of the Gurdwara 
  • Deh Shiva shabad/ Vaisakhi
  • A basic life history of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Panj Piyare, Mata Gujri Ji and Chaar Sahibzade

Year 1:-

  • First 5 Paurees of the Japji Sahib
  • Guru Nanak Dev Ji the founder of Sikh Religion and Sakhis from Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life
  • The 3 main values of Sikhism-Naam Japna, Kirt Karna and Vand Chhakna
  • First five Gurus and their Life history
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the values of five K’s and Deh Shiva
  • Focus on teachings through Sakhis and how to apply these values in real life
  • Studying the main Gurdwaras in India

Year 2:-

  • First 10 Paurees of Japji Sahib
  • Guru Nanak Dev Ji-  Sikh Values 
  • The Ten Spiritual Masters of Sikhism and  Panj Piare
  • Religious symbols

Year 3:-

  • 16 Paurees of Japji Sahib
  • Guru Angad Dev Ji’s service and devotion to Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • The teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji through Sakhis
  •  Contribution of Guru Amar Das Ji to Sikh nation
  • Guru Ram Das Ji
  • Guru Ram Das Ji and Gaddi to Guru Arjan Dev Ji
  • Sikh warriors
  • Places of worship

Year 4:-

  • 23 Pauree of Japji Sahib
  • Ardas:- Understanding the meaning and learning the pronunciation of Ardas
  • Learning about Sikh values through the Sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji 
  • Learning about Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji/ Miri Piri/ Akal Takht
  • Sakhis from Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji’s life
  • Guru Har Rai sahib Ji

Year 5:-

  • 29 Pauree of Japji Sahib
  • Life-changing moments - Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji
  • Guru Har Krishan Ji
  • Sakhis from Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s life
  • The role of Sikh women in Sikhism

Year 6:-

  • Japji Sahib Paath
  • Udasis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • Teachings through Sakhis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji 
  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji/ values
  • Historic Gurdwaras and the importance of Takhats
  • Three principles of Sikhism