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26/04/21 Meeting 1

First Ambassador meeting, we all introduced ourselves to the group and Wellbeing badges handed out to all children. We discussed with the group what the role of a wellbeing ambassador would be. All participated with the task fantastically. Below are the ideas the team decided to conclude.

  • The role of the Wellbeing Ambassador
  • The role of the Wellbeing Ambassador was decided by the team and is listed below:
  1. To spread happiness and peace throughout the school.
  2. To welcome new children and staff to the school.
  3. To be kind, caring and helpful towards others.
  4. To always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

To promote our share values

04/05/21 Meeting 2

Today we discussed the safeguarding team. Went through scenarios of problems pupils could come to them with, who they need to speak to one of the safeguarding team if they have a concern. To never promise a child they will keep a secret.

Discussed Mental Health awareness week (next week 10/05/21), thought of ideas for posters around school, Theme is nature as a team decided each class to grow wellbeing flowers in a pot and place them in the playground. A PowerPoint for teachers to discuss in class.

10/05/21 Meeting 3

Ideas shared how we can promote wellbeing in the classroom, suggestions made were, wellbeing corner, worry box, as a team we decided to go with each class having a wellbeing try. Each ambassador will speak to their class and ask what the pupils would like to see in their wellbeing tray.

Meeting 4

In our weekly wellbeing meeting, the ambassadors worked together to design two posters for the school. One with ‘Top tips to make your mind feel better’ and the second to remind pupils that it is okay to experience different feelings, which they shared with their classes.

Currently, the Wellbeing ambassadors are working so that each class has their very own wellbeing tray. Each ambassador received feedback after having a class discussion asking the pupils what they would like to have in their wellbeing tray. We have planned so that each class will have their own wellbeing tray after the half -term.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors are looking forward to planning activities and promoting positive wellbeing in the new term.