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A warm welcome from all staff at Nanaksar Primary School! 

Mr J Sidhu
CEO / Executive Principal

Miss A Chatur 
Vice Principal


Mrs D Purewal
Office Manager

Mrs B Panesar
Administrator and Welfare Officer

Mrs M Sethi
Admissions/Finance Officer

Mrs K Jhaj
Reception Teacher / Foundation Stage Leader / Science Lead

Mrs D Caesar
Year 1 Teacher / Reading and PE Lead

Mrs A Shelton
Year 2 Teacher / Art & DT Lead

Miss S Wasim
Year 3 Teacher / KS2 Leader / Humanities & Maths Lead

Miss N Boyce
Year 3 Teacher / Writing Lead

Mrs S Narwal
Teacher / SENCO  

Mrs J Deogon
UQ Teacher / Our World / MAT Assemblies

Mr M Weiss
Computing Teacher


Mrs B Panesar 
Reception Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Gill
Year 1 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs G Kohli 
Year 2 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs D Humpal
Year 3 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs H Kundi
Year 3 Learning Support Assistant 

Ms K Kaur
Learning Support Assistant

Ms K Mann
Learning Support Assistant / SEN Support 

Mrs H Bhachoo
SEN Support / SMSA