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School Meals

We are fortunate to have high standards of school meals provision at Nanaksar Primary. Pupils can choose between having a hot or cold school meal, or can alternatively choose to bring their own packed lunch into school. All lunches cooked on the premises are vegetarian and planned according to Government guidelines. All food brought in from home must also be vegetarian and nut-free. Please see the school lunch menu below. 

The Free School Meals provision has been extended to all Primary School Children until 2025 and we highly encourage them to have school lunches.

Please click on the link below to read the letter from the Mayor of London 
Mayor of London - UFSM 2024

We are a ‘Healthy Hillingdon’ school and as such, encourage healthy eating for all our pupils, staff and visitors. We do not allow sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks and chewing gum at school. For NHS guidance on healthy lunchbox recipes - please click here

The school participates in the National Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils are encouraged to eat free fruit or vegetables every day. Key Stage 2 Pupils can bring their own fruit or vegetable snack for break times. 

Parents/Carers can subscribe to a Milk Scheme which enables their child to have a carton of milk delivered each day. To register for the Cool Milk scheme visit:

Free School Meals

Please complete the free school meal Eligibility form below in English.

MAT Free School Meal Eligibility Request Form On School Websites: 2022-2023

For information only, you can read the Punjabi version of the form here.

Please see our school lunch menu below.